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Main advantages


Main advantages

Very low underlift
Very deep toolboxes
A lot of pulleys attachment
Dedicated tools
3D volume optimization


Very low underlift (195 mm) to load even coaches.
High stress steel selected to meet a very important rughness.
An alumnium body to be stronger.
The tool boxes size are optimized regarding the truck fitted under.
The system is sandblasted and metallised before painting.
The underlift is equiped with 2 x 20 tons or 24 + 12,5 tons winches.
Dedicated forks regarding the differents truck brand.

Data sheet

G.V.W. compatible 19 000 kg à 40 000 kg
maximum technically permissible weight 2 000 kg
Underlift operational length 1 653 mm
Tool boxes volume on the platform Depending on the truck
Body material Aluminium